Top 12 Best free VPN in 2020

Top 12 Best free VPN in 2020

The best free VPN allows your computer to get an extra layer of protection against malware that tries to hack your personal information such as IP address, credit card data and much more. A VPN in the long run protects you from this malware and spyware, while also helping you get an access to the blocked websites in your home country.

We have created a list of top 12 best Free VPN for you to choose from, simply read below to find out pros and cons and why we believe these 12 free VPNS are a great choice for you.

  1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN


The best VPN to protect your privacy and security. Hotspot Shield VPN is free for you to download and browse through.


Number of servers: N/A | Server locations: 25 | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: 5

  • Protects privacy at every cost
  • Hassle-free connection
  • Fast speed
  • Free browsing of 500 MB data

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  • Making an account and getting started is a bit time consuming

While we have the options of many free VPNS, the one we can trust blindly to keep our privacy and security is Hotspot Shield Free VPN. It allows you to roam through the data of 500 MB, and connects easily with 25 countries. The best part? It can support 5 devices at a time.

  1. Windscribe

#1 on our list for a reason. Even though it is relatively a newbie in market, it allows you to go beyond a limit of 10 GB data per month.


  • Allows a substantial amount of free data
  • Easy account setting up procedure
  • Privacy Policy is stern
  • Data is erased after you log out


  • Only offers connection to 10 locations

Windscribe allows you to access the blocked pages all over the world by just one click-connection. It doesn’t store your private information, and removes any logs that might be kept the moment you leave the page. If that wasn’t enough, you can get 5 GB data free if you tweet about Windscribe and send them a screenshot of it!

  1. Tunnel Bear

The most friendly VPN there is to browse your web confidentially and unblocking the major websites all over the world.


  • The user interface is super clean and easy to use
  • Offers VPN on phone and computer both
  • Supports up to 20+ locations
  • Can connect 1000 servers at once.


  • Free Plan has a low data allowance per month

While tunnel bear is one of the best choices for a user-friendly interface and bulldozer security that is backed by McAfee, it only allows 500 mb data per month for its free users. If you are only looking forward to using this for shopping to protect your security, then 500 Mb data per month is more than enough for you.

  1. Proton VPN Free

Allows you to browse as much as you can, NO LIMITS on the data!


  • Super-secure
  • No limits for data allowance
  • Supports many iOs software


  • Can only connect you to 3 available locations

The Proton VPN doesn’t believe in restricting your data allowance, and doesn’t store any data or information provided as well. This VPN is worth considering if you are looking for free, unlimited data browsing on VPN

  1. Hide.Me

Provides the best security features there are, without any irritating adverts


  • Privacy policy is extremely strong
  • Browse through without ads popping up


  • Only allows one device to be connected at a time, with three locations available.

With, Data provided for free users is 2GB, but considering the benefit and ease of browsing through the pages without having any annoying ads popping up, this is a great deal. To protect your privacy, Hide.Me doesn’t store any user logs or information as well.

  1. Zenmate

It provides premium features for free, and unblocks Netflix as well.


  • Ability to connect with 12 locations
  • Unlimited bandwidth allowance
  • Ultimate privacy and security


  • Annoying ads that keep popping up

If you just want a simple medium to let you access the webpages for free without messing up your security or privacy, Zenmate is the ultimate choice.

  1. Private Tunnel

Your personal tunnel to unblocking and accessing webpages, quickly and efficiently.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports three connections at a time


  • Location options are limted to only 9
  • Data limit is low

Private Tunnel ensures your privacy and security and allows you to browse at an incredibly high speed, however it has an option of only connecting three devices at a time with only 9 available options. If you are not looking for more than just browsing temporarily, this might be a good option for you.

  1. Nord VPN

Works like a tiger, hides your privacy like a chameleon.


  • Offers unlimited free data for a month
  • Allows more than 5000 servers at 60 locations at a time


  • Free membership only lasts a month

If you are looking for super-advanced security protocols and speed that matches that of a tiger, NordVPN is the perfect option for you. It offers connections of a military grade, and can provide you with unlimited bandwidth for a whole month.

  1. SurfEasy

A good choice for connecting with multiple connections.



  • Allows five connections at a time
  • Offers 1000 servers at 25 locations


  • Low data limit of 500 MB

The VPN is ideal if you are not looking for a huge amount of free data, but just speedy connection at more than one device. The privacy protocol is high, so you can be assured that your data won’t be used anywhere.

  1. Speedify

The fastest connection to boost your browsing experience


  • Connects you in a moment
  • Protects your privacy cautiously
  • Provides full access to all the servers available


  • Data limit is extremely low and gets lower with subsequent months

The Speedify VPN is a free VPN that claims to be the fastest in the game, and rightly so! It can connect you to 200 servers of your choice, in over 50 locations and never compromises on the performance front. However, it only allows 5GB data for the free users, and as the months pass the limit drops to 1Gb which may not be enough for some people.

  1. Turbo VPN

Your one source to unblocking multiple locations in no-time!


  • Unlocks 10 locations at a time
  • Extremely speedy browsing


  • The 300 MB data limit is low as compared to its competitors.

The Turbo VPN is supported by android devices and is a great choice for your simple and small browsing needs. If you don’t need to use the VPN regularly and use it once or twice a month, then this might suit you and provide you the privacy that you require.

  1. Surf shark VPN

Provides advanced features free for a limited amount of time.


  • Extremely secure
  • Provides speedy live support


  • Data provided in the free version is only 100 Mbs after which you are given the option to purchase the VPN for a cheap price

The surf shark connects you to 800 servers with 50 countries and allows you to browse with a very high speed. It protects your privacy and provides a lot of features such as connecting to Netflix from other countries of the world in no time and has a live support staff for your help as well.


According to us, Windscribe is our TOP PICK from this list since it provides the most amount of free data and ultimate security. All of these VPNS have their own pros and cons but are personally reviewed by our technical staff who have declared these 12 to be the best at what they do.